Avon DigIT Delivery Center


The Avon Digit Delivery Centre is one of the main hubs for IT development and serves Avon's global locations with customized solutions, including the Avon Web Shop, the Avon Agent Management System, and various other business-related front-end and back-end systems.


Capture was engaged to set up 2 testing teams to work on the development and global rollout of Avon’s webshop, and at a later stage to take over the backend testing of a complex legacy agent management system.


  • Testing of the Avon webshop with the prospect of replacing the old system.​
  • Legacy System Makeover: medior and senior manual testers ensure proper transition from the legacy GOMAC to the new backend​.
  • 10+ countries affected worldwide.
  • International team setup: the experts work closely with other sites from all over Europe.

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