Omni-Channel Monitoring

Capture’s Omni-Channel Monitoring Platform to measure end-user experience on your productive system in a live environment.

Omni-Channel Testing From the Customer’s View

Capture’s Omni-Channel Monitoring platform is designed to measure end-user experience on your productive system in a live environment. Contrary to traditional application monitoring solutions, we validate your digital channels from outside-in, as your customers experience it. But we not only validate your own systems but all components of the business process, which affect your customers.

There are various possibilities to monitor your special front-end solutions:

  • Web-based online services
  • Mobile platform based native applications – iOS, Android
  • Thick clients
  • Application Programming Interfaces – API access


Typical implementation areas include:

  • Web shops, online market spaces, web banks, web self-service in insurance industry, etc.
  • Frequently used mobile applications such as mobile banks, mobile insurance clients, transportation/ticketing applications, etc.
  • PSD2 API interfaces
  • and many other areas where blackout will present a high risk of loss of revenue.


Our customers profit from improved user experience and – due to the reduction of complaints – from enhanced customer satisfactions Instead of only reacting to customer issues, we enable our clients to become more proactive in their customer relationships.

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